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Yumeng Li is a Vancouver-based curator, graduate of Interactive Arts and Technology from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada (BA).

Since 2015, she has been actively engaged as a professional in the field of art within the Vancouver community. Her curatorial interests revolve around the convergence of technology and human experience, with a specific focus on exploring the implications of cognition.

Yumeng has been involved in the coordination and organization of numerous art exhibitions and events. Her exhibitions have received recognition in various media channels, underscoring her ability to navigate the intersection of artistic expression and contemporary dialogue. Throughout the years, she has collaborated closely with local artists, presenting exhibitions across a spectrum of mediums, including painting, installation, and mixed media. Dedicated to fostering connections within the artistic community, she consistently collaborates with art galleries, studios, and spaces across mainland Vancouver. Her commitment to contributing meaningfully to the local art scene is evident in her successful coordination of exhibitions and art events.




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Yumeng Li