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miss hatt

Montréal, Qc


I identified as a painter beginning my studies in art in my early twenties. I started visiting New York, fell in love with the city and the big energy of the painters I saw and, once I gave myself permission, I knew that I couldn’t live a life without painting — even if in imperfect forms…

I am influenced by my favourite artists, Philip Guston, Ida Applebroog and Georg Baselitz. However, I feel that my upbringing has influenced me even more.  This has remained hidden from view for a very long time; its manner much more discreet than the bold, original and humorously raw intelligence at work in my early pieces. I was born in beautiful British Columbia, spent half my childhood in Nova Scotia and the other half in Ontario; I identify as a pan-Canadian. My changing landscapes, social scenarios and feeling of belonging compels me to create links between my images, to allow for disparate notions to co-habit, to make a place and give expression to the contradictions I see, feel and live.  As beautiful and varied as they are, as beautiful and as varied as the places I grew up whatever form they arrive...pleasing or less so, so they are.


miss hatt has exhibited in Korea, Italy, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, among other quieter Canadian sites.  She graduated with honours from OCAD, and was awarded placement with the Sir Edumund Walker foundation and the Friends of OCA scholarship. miss hatt was also granted awards from the Zonta Club in Ottawa for promising young female artist. Her first show, sponsored by the Canadian Consulate in New York was held at Tribes Gallery in Manhattan she then went on to curate a multi-media ‘squat’ installation in a vacant Soho gallery. miss hatt finished a BFA from Concordia University in Montreal which has been her home base for the past 20 years. 

A product of post-modern thinking, miss hatt’s work creates singular and personal moments that hold their own individually while simultaneously being an active part of a larger visual conversation.



Image right:

Tender Spot
acrylic and oil stick on canvas, 10" x 12"

Field research, flight
acrylic and oil stick on canvas, 10" x 12'




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miss hatt
miss hatt