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Marianne Valdez is a Filipino-Canadian visual artist based in Surrey, BC. Inspired by the natural world and her educational background in counseling psychology, her work explores the harmonious relationship between nature, her heritage, and the human psyche. Through playful and dreamlike expression, Marianne’s artwork often portrays sprawling gardens and metaphorical elements mixed with abstraction to reflect the shared human experience, with a focus on the inner child’s joy and peace.


Beginning her professional career in 2021, Marianne continues to collaborate with local artists and galleries in exhibitions, live events, and projects, exploring the world of contemporary art and narrative illustration. Her works have been exhibited in local galleries and private shows, in addition to the Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver. She made her debut in illustration with the children's book, "Fantastically Flow", written by Taylar Ball; later recorded in the National Library Collections and Archives Canada in 2023.





In Perpetuity, acrylic on canvas, 48" x 48"



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Perpetuity by artist Marianne Valdez