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Laurentians- Montréal, Qc


Les Papillons Imaginaires, solo show
@ Galerie d’art Monfort, QC

Jennifer Hamilton is a Montreal-based artist whose painting practice combines aspects of contemporary and modern abstraction with design and craft traditions, incorporating these formal strategies with a broad swath of spiritual ideas and concerns. Crisscrossing aesthetic fields of influence with a wide range of intersecting theological and esoteric systems of thought, as a painter she delves into an exploratory world of colour, mark-making, composition, and complex patterns, in order to create works that merge artistic intuition and inspiration, with the search for enlightenment and insight. From the strongly coloristic to the rigorously economical, and from biomorphic, lyrical shapes to wiry geometric patterns, she deploys painterly tactics in such a way as to explore her own inner life, as a methodology for exploring the human creative spirit, and our relationship with sacred reality.

Sourcing imagery from her researches into many secular as well as sacred points of origin, Hamilton builds her paintings as subjective conversations, both in terms of her visual approach and her personal outlook. A painting must achieve a beautiful, strong and substantial visual end; but the method for arriving at that end must also both parallel and interact with the meditative spiritual practice that she is devoted to. She has travelled widely, and maintains a constant and eclectic study in gathering materials and methods, including photography, diaristic writing, poetry, song writing, and more. The themes and content in her work are multivalent and proliferate across wide territory, encompassing humourous attitudes and winking self-awareness at the same time as deep commitment, and focus on achieving the intertwined ends that she seeks to find. Ideas may be assimilated from many sources, from secular philosophical thinkers and theorists; to orthodox religious texts and history; to theosophical writings, gurus, shamans and recent forms of New Age devotions. She remains constantly curious and always open.


When Souls Meet, acrylic on panel, 40'' x 80''

followed by Ode to Albers.


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Jennifer Hamilton's painting, When Souls Meet
Jennifer Hamilton painting