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Calgary, AB

Recent Group Exhibition:
Trinity @ Christine Klassen Gallery, Calgary


I love to draw and color. This was imprinted on me at a young age. The joy of making marks on a flat surface that somehow created a representative symbol for something real was magical. The continued practice taught me how to transcribe visual stimuli into form, searching for little truths of positive and negative space, rhythm and movement. The habitual way of seeing which one uses to survive in the world is transformed into a way of seeing abstract relationships of space, time and distance.

The abstract charcoal pieces are purely intuitive and begun with no preconceived notion other than to discover an aesthetic coalition of form, texture, rhythm, movement and space. I move quickly and deliberately, reacting and responding spontaneously to what has come before. There is no preciousness and every new layer may destroy the piece as a whole. I love this high wire act, of working without a net. By ignoring intention and any preconceptions a style true to myself emerges.

Hopefully the viewer will recognize in these drawings something familiar but unknown....something that suggests an emotion or a sense of music or movements in dance or the beauty of chaos trying to attain a state of entropy.

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Soft Smooth Slippery Beauty

followed by
Slight of Hand

followed by
Shift, charcoal on paper, 14" x 17"


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Robert Pierce

Robert Pierce- Slight of Hand
Shift by Robert Pierce